At Small Stone Media, you can easily and quickly request a licence or permit for printing rights, synchronisation, translations and more.

Licences for municipalities, conferences and other non-commercial events

Printing, copying and reproduction

If you reproduce a piece of music or a text in graphic form, either on paper or in electronic form, you need a reproduction licence.

Audio recordings

If you want to make an audio recording of music we administer and duplicate and distribute this recording physically (e.g. as a CD) or online, a mechanical reproduction licence is required.


If you want to use a song in a language that does not have an authorised translation, you can submit a translation for approval. There are no guarantees that this will be accepted, so make sure you have not recorded or printed your version before a decision has been made.


Permission is required from the publisher to create an adaptation and/or arrangement of existing works. Examples of common requests are:

  • Making a polyphonic arrangement for a choir.
  • Making an orchestral arrangement of a work that currently only has a piano accompaniment.
  • Transcribing a work for one instrument to another, e.g. from violin to viola.

Performing, radio broadcasting and streaming

In order to perform, broadcast or stream the music we manage, a licence is required. Examples of common uses are:

  • Performance of a work in a concert
  • Broadcast of a work on radio and TV
  • Streaming a recording or performance of a work from a website

Livestreaming licence for churches

If your church or community streams its services live on any platform, including the use of music, we recommend that you purchase the Church Streaming License (CSL) from CCLI.

Sync and YouTube

If you want to use recordings of our music in a film, television commercial, on YouTube or in any other visual or multimedia product, a licence is required. Examples of common uses are:

  • DVD recording of a concert where music is played
  • Background or title music in a presentation DVD
  • Background or title music in a feature film
  • Music used in a TV commercial

Other uses

The use of texts, quotes or excerpts from works managed by us for e.g. greeting cards, T-shirts, mugs or other products requires permission from the publisher. To be able to give consent, we need the following information: 

  • The title of the work
  • Copyright data
  • A link to the original recording (optional)

In your request, please also mention how and where the text will be used.

Grand rights

Major rights include (musical) works that are part of a 'written performance', i.e. a dramatic musical narrative in which several copyrights are represented, such as lyrics, music, choreography, lighting and costumes (e.g. ballet, opera, operetta, musicals, etc.).

License application