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Do you have a heart for music? And are you looking for a reliable, experienced publisher? Then you have come to the right place at Small Stone Media.

About Small Stone Media

Small Stone Media is a music publisher with a heart for Christian music.

As a publishing specialist in this genre of music, we work closely with publishers, composers and lyricists from home and abroad, supporting their musical mission by being a reliable, accurate and active partner for them.

What do we do?

Music publishing

We publish Christian music in the broadest sense of the word.

Copyright & Royalty Administration

We handle the administration of copyright and royalties for music publishers from all over the world for Europe.


We represent authors and publishers and stand up for their rights.

Distribution of sheet music

We distribute (sheet) music - physically and digitally - through our own initiatives such as the European Choral Club, Gospel Music Centre, and Gospelmusic.combut also in cooperation with partners, such as Revival.


We initiate and support various activities, repertoire days and conferences. We also offer advice and consultations in the field of music use.

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About Small Stone Media -

The best partner for your musical mission

Small Stone Media is a music publishing company for Christian music. We support composers, arrangers and lyricists in the Netherlands and abroad in their musical mission and help them to produce great music to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds and spread the Good News.

Our approach

As a music publisher, we work directly with established and emerging writers in a diverse musical range. Our growing and dynamic catalogue covers a diverse and extensive range of musical styles, from classical to popular. We also offer specialist advice and strive to achieve the best results together through a personal relationship with our writers.

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Have you written a song? Read here how we can help you.

Do you want to translate a song? Read here what you should do.

Do you want to make an arrangement of an existing song? Read here what you should do. 

Send in your song!

Are you a writer and have you written a great song? Please send us the sheet music or text and a demo so that we can listen to it and assess it.


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