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Trinity Reyer Reni & Elisa Kees Kraayenoord Huub Oosterhuis Integrity Music Bethel Music Revival

As a publisher, we work together with both experienced and starting writers and composers, where personal contact occupies an important place. We represent rights, take care of copyright administration and sonic exploitation.

Artists and publishers

Small Stone Media represents a wide range of artists, music styles and publishers.

Our extensive and dynamic catalogue consists of a wide range of popular music styles in which we represent artists and publishers including Trinity, Reyer, Reni & Elisa, Kees Kraaijenoord, Huub Oosterhuis, Integrity Music, Bethel Music, Revival, The New Psalm and many others.

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Our services -

This is what we can do for you

Registering new work

Exploiting your music

Answering user questions regarding your catalogue

Administration of the use of your music by others

Preparation of financial statements

Collection, monitoring and payment of royalties

Coordinating translations

Providing publishing agreements to co-writers, translators and arrangers

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