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Stuur jouw lied in! | Submit your song!

Small Stone Media is always looking for talented composers and new great songs to publish!

Submitting a song to Small Stone Media is an easy, straight-forward process. We simply need either a hard copy of the music you wish to submit or a PDF file sent via e-mail. We do ask the music be completely written out (no lead sheets, words with chord symbols, etc.). Also, if you wish the music to be returned to you, please include a return, self-addressed envelope.

Sound recordings can be very helpful to us if they are of a good quality. Recordings are not a necessity for the review process.

Send your choral, piano solo and vocal solo compositions/arrangements to:
Small Stone Media B.V.
Attention: A & R Team
Oranjeweg 25
NL 1241 XN Kortenhoef – The Netherlands
Email address: