- 25 August 2022

Small Stone Media in a new jacket

At the start of the new season 2022-2023 we present our new website. A new look for Small Stone Media, but under the skin we remain who we are: driven by our passion for (Christian) music.

If you have visited our website lately, you can't have missed it: things have changed. Our old website dated back to 2015 and was in need of a major update. We are very happy with the result: a fast, fresh, modern website that is once again completely up-to-date and in tune with the times. And thus ready for all the wonderful projects we are working on from Small Stone Media.

Below, we take you through exactly what has changed:

The new website of Small Stone Media

- Design

Our new website has been completely rebuilt with WordPress. The design has been refreshed, but at the same time certain elements have remained the same. The logo, for example, has been given a small update, but is essentially unchanged. The colours - Celtic blue and silver grey - have also remained the same.

- Flow

In redesigning our website, we thought again about the purpose of our website: Who is this website for? What do we offer? And how can we show this as logically as possible? The result is visible: our website is now even clearer, easier to navigate and all the information you want is just 'one click away'.

Do you have tips to make our website even better? Contact us with our Communications Department.